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“Flying High”

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Card Description
  This card was inspired by my dear friend Jan McColl. We were both fearful flyers and were always on the lookout for cards and gifts for each other with airplane themes. For Christmas one year, she gave me this bright red musicial ceramic airplane. The only difference between the airplane I painted and the airplane she gave me is that the pilot of the airplane she gave me was a teddy bear. That of course was in the years I refer to as "BB" (Before Bichons).

In 1990, Jan valiantly battled a recurrence of melanoma. When it became evident that she would not survive, I was encouraged to consider the companionship of a furry friend to help me cope with the profound loss of Jan's friendship. Jan witnessed my research of "the perfect dog" and gave her stamp of approval (a giggle) when I showed her the only photo I'd ever seen of a Bichon Frisé, from Mordecai Siegal's book "A Dog for the Kids".

Jan passed away on January 6, 1991, just two months before our first Bichon Frisé (Max) became a member of the family. Jan joined the angels and is now flying high, free from fear and pain. And that little "frou-frou dog", whose looks both of us doubted were quite right for the name MAX, changed my life forever.
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